Colorado Day 1 – Cañon City


Last summer, we visited Colorado for the first time! I was invited to shoot Drew & Justin’s wedding in Beulah, so we figured we should make a trip out of it and explore a few other pieces of Colorado. My memory is terrible and we are now eight months past the trip, but thankfully I have my pictures and things like Swarm, my planner,  and my Google Calendar to help remind me of our adventures.


After driving for an entire day, we arrived in Cañon City around lunchtime. First we had some burgers and amazing housemade chips at Bunk House Burgers.  (Seriously guys, these “spud shavings” were so good, I went back and ordered the large on our way out for a snack. While writing this, I am almost tempted to drive the 11-12 hours to buy more spud shavings. Almost.) Fueled up on fried potatoes, we started off our sight-seeing with the Skyline Drive. The views from the drive were amazing, but my personal favorite had to be the fossilized casts of dinosaur footprints.

20170702-IMG_8451_merge copy.jpg

After the scenic drive, we headed to Royal Gorge Bridge. We pulled into the parking lot and I was shocked by how many people were there. I had not expected it to be quite so touristy, but I guess I should’ve figured that from the steep $20+ admission prices to look at a very large hole in the ground. Anyways, it was incredibly windy.


This becomes important, as we walked across this very long bridge (irrationally fearful of being blown over the side) and planned to take the cable car back across the gorge.

20170702-IMG_8470_merge copy

Unfortunately, due to the high winds, the cable cars were closed until the winds died down. The park had a lot of amusement park-esque rides that cost additional money, but the cable car was included in the price to get into the park, so I really wanted to take it across and get my money’s worth. Plus, it would be a really long walk all the way back across. After waiting at the base of the cable car for probably over an hour, they ran two cable cars across and we were able to get into the second one. It was a little nerve-wracking swaying across the gorge and the air vents into the cable car didn’t help much.


Having successfully made it across the gorge in the cable car, we went to do a short hike at the Tunnel Drive Trail. After the crowdedness of the gorge, it was nice that there were almost no other people on the trail.



Stay tuned for Day 2, Colorado Springs!



Fin: Year 23

This is it, I’ve completed my 2nd 365 project! I missed a lot of days, but I still managed to get in 317 pictures. Sure, 86.8% is not ideal, but at least it is a solid B.

Watch the video summary here! (Sorry, apparently I need a paid WP plan to share videos on my blog, and I’m really not about that life right now.)

To all who are reading this, if you ever hear me say “I’m starting a new 365 project…” the only acceptable response is to say “no”, “nope”, give me stern stares, or be otherwise unsupportive. While I love taking pictures, and creative projects that challenge me are good, my life really isn’t that exciting most days, leading to way more pictures of my homework/planner than most people want to see.

What’s next? According to my 2017 resolutions, I still need to shoot another roll of film. Without the pressure of the 365 project (and having digital photos to upload), I’ll have more freedom to explore that medium more. I’ll be learning how to be on the other side of the camera and in photos more in the coming months, and maybe I’ll pick up some tips and tricks along the way. I have blog posts planned from my travels this summer to Portugal & Colorado, as well as maybe getting the Museum Guides I wanted to start last year off the ground. As for an art/DIY/hands-on project completely unrelated to photography, I recently acquired a mail offer for a free couch, but didn’t want to pay for a cover, so I’ll be working on my sewing skills and hopefully making a sweet cover for the couch.

Thanks to all of you who have followed along, whether it was for the whole year or only a week. To everyone who’s smiled for a photo and to everyone who was a part of making year 23 what it was. Onto other creative endeavors, I’d love for you to join me or follow along 🙂

{week 52}

guess how many weeks are in a year? that’s right, 52! i’ve finally made it x.x struggled hard, and even had to write in “365 photo” on each day in my planner after missing monday, but i figured i ought to at least finish off strong. summary post coming next! but for one final (really, final. never again.) summary post 🙂

day 358: affogato = perfect accompaniment to reading
day 359: not pictured
day 360: this week, i printed blank pdfs and used the timelines to cover changed/canceled appointments or events
day 361: i started time tracking with the timeline in the planner about a month ago. very helpful. (also look, new markers!)
day 362: coffee to help wrap up the session & get me through work.
day 363: look at this lovely lady. she’s getting married in 9 weeks!
day 364: the boy in his favorite shirt (thanks to our buddies who work at bonton) appropriately analyzing a painting of butchers cutting up a pork.
day 365: (impossible) home goals: look like a coffee shop

{week 51}

hooray for short weeks (although it definitely did not feel like a short week).

day 351: homemade pasta. literally homemade pasta, homemade sauce, homemade bread, homemade meatballs. i guess the kerrygold was the only thing not homemade…
day 352: thank goodness for free samples for help with wedding planning!
day 353: not pictured
day 354: yay, homework
day 355: sewing machineeeee only with me until february, but still.
day 356: visits to new places and new relationships.
day 357: not pictured (probably should’ve taken my camera with me to roundrock, oops)

{week 50}

wow, i can’t believe it is week 50 already, but i’m definitely struggling to push to the finish. this week was kind of chaotic, but evidently filled with lots of spending time with friends. sadly, september is a big month of good-byes for me, but i’m grateful for the time i had with them.

day 344: we got to meet baby!! only 3 months and 3 weeks later…
day 345: saw erin for the first time since we graduated from college! unfortunate circumstances, but glad to have some time with them.
day 346: my favorite dinner? soup noodles. just boil water, throw in some 丸子 and you’re good to go! plus the boy made tea eggs, so that’s always a good addition 🙂
day 347: not pictured
day 348: not pictured
day 349: man, two year olds can smolder
day 350: dinner & game night with some of our favorite people in dallas!

{weeks 48 & 49}

So apparently, nothing exciting happens while I’m at home, at least nothing I’d want to photograph. Combining weeks and also including iPhone pictures, because I didn’t take my camera to Salt Lake City with me and if I exclude iPhone pics, I’d have almost nothing to show you all.

I also realized this week that I had numbered the days incorrectly some time way back around week 24. Oops. I’m too lazy to go back and fix them all, but they’re right from here on out.

Day 330: #shiptheyips
Day 331: not pictured
Day 332: not pictured
Day 333: not pictured
Day 334: not pictured
Day 335: not pictured
Day 336: temptress ultimate playing under the utah mountains (why do i live in texas? i miss mountains.)
Day 337: utah state capitol, salt lake city
Day 338: eclipse viewing for the unprepared, go outside & look at the shadow of a tree.
Day 339: real life hits hard.
Day 340: not pictured
Day 341: it’s crazy to think august is almost over. also, help, i have no creative inspiration at home.
Day 342: so, i moved in to a coffee shop…
Day 343: hot milk tea, perfect for a rain-from-a-faraway-hurricane day

{week 47}

finally completed a full week! i guess traveling is good for my creative juices.

day 325: you know the relationship is serious when my board games are moved to the boy’s place.
day 326: attempting to plant Potiphar again… third time’s the charm?
day 327: good to be back in my favorite somerville apt again.
day 328: traveling is basically just doing homework in different coffee shops
day 329: the boy made yummy lobster rolls.
day 330: you know it’s a boston birthday party when we play “pin the ring on tom brady”
day 331: the boy won his sister a ginormous husky.

{week 46}

day 318: best way to start the week? potatoes in the form of fries.
day 319: struggling to convince myself to sit down and od homework
day 320: not pictured
day 321: rainy mornings
day 322: unexpected late nights far far away
day 323: bribing myself to homework while exploring new coffee shops
day 324: i came home after an incredibly busy week to find my dishes washed, thanks to the boy

{week 45}

still not quite there, but getting a little more back into rhythms of studying and shooting. i’m extremely grateful my semester is starting slowly, giving me some time to get back into things, and also because august will be a busy month (three states, each in a different time zone…)

day 311: why would he be looking at me like that? well, he’s eating his favorite food ever.
day 312: not pictured
day 313: not pictured
day 314: popsicles are my way of pretending to be healthy.
day 315: look at those sunset colors ❤
day 316: taking a picture of me taking pictures.
day 317: every time we go to this coffee shop, i look over and admire the lights strung in this random apartment’s courtyard lol.

{weeks 43 & 44}

still getting back in the swing of shooting daily, my habits and rhythms were knocked haywire from traveling and slowly trying to recover.


day 297: not pictured
day 298: look at this cutie we got to hang out with
day 299: not pictured
day 300: not pictured
day 301: not pictured
day 302: not pictured
day 303: not pictured
day 304: coffee with this lovely lady 🙂
day 305: something about well written notes makes school better.
day 306: thankful for companies that replace things! also whew, i didn’t realize how yellow my case had gotten until the new one came…
day 307: not pictured
day 308: if any of you are looking for a good print store, i have a favorite which i’ve used for lots of gifts so hmu for a referral and i can get some money back!
day 309: this guy bought himself a keyboard on sale, i’ve been serenaded a lot
day 310: we went to hurricane harbor with some friends (woooo season passes!) but apparently people were there stealing brand name shoes and the boy got his nike slides stolen 😦 these are the lovely flip flops from the gift shop he got to replace ’em.