{week 47}

finally completed a full week! i guess traveling is good for my creative juices.

day 325: you know the relationship is serious when my board games are moved to the boy’s place.
day 326: attempting to plant Potiphar again… third time’s the charm?
day 327: good to be back in my favorite somerville apt again.
day 328: traveling is basically just doing homework in different coffee shops
day 329: the boy made yummy lobster rolls.
day 330: you know it’s a boston birthday party when we play “pin the ring on tom brady”
day 331: the boy won his sister a ginormous husky.

{week 46}

day 318: best way to start the week? potatoes in the form of fries.
day 319: struggling to convince myself to sit down and od homework
day 320: not pictured
day 321: rainy mornings
day 322: unexpected late nights far far away
day 323: bribing myself to homework while exploring new coffee shops
day 324: i came home after an incredibly busy week to find my dishes washed, thanks to the boy

{week 45}

still not quite there, but getting a little more back into rhythms of studying and shooting. i’m extremely grateful my semester is starting slowly, giving me some time to get back into things, and also because august will be a busy month (three states, each in a different time zone…)

day 311: why would he be looking at me like that? well, he’s eating his favorite food ever.
day 312: not pictured
day 313: not pictured
day 314: popsicles are my way of pretending to be healthy.
day 315: look at those sunset colors ❤
day 316: taking a picture of me taking pictures.
day 317: every time we go to this coffee shop, i look over and admire the lights strung in this random apartment’s courtyard lol.

{weeks 43 & 44}

still getting back in the swing of shooting daily, my habits and rhythms were knocked haywire from traveling and slowly trying to recover.

day 297: not pictured
day 298: look at this cutie we got to hang out with
day 299: not pictured
day 300: not pictured
day 301: not pictured
day 302: not pictured
day 303: not pictured
day 304: coffee with this lovely lady 🙂
day 305: something about well written notes makes school better.
day 306: thankful for companies that replace things! also whew, i didn’t realize how yellow my case had gotten until the new one came…
day 307: not pictured
day 308: if any of you are looking for a good print store, i have a favorite which i’ve used for lots of gifts so hmu for a referral and i can get some money back!
day 309: this guy bought himself a keyboard on sale, i’ve been serenaded a lot
day 310: we went to hurricane harbor with some friends (woooo season passes!) but apparently people were there stealing brand name shoes and the boy got his nike slides stolen 😦 these are the lovely flip flops from the gift shop he got to replace ’em.

{weeks 41 & 42}

these two weeks are combined because my life has been insanely hectic and i’ve been really really bad about taking pictures these two weeks. week 41 was filled with packing, moving, and unpacking. i had to pack + move all of my stuff, along with the helping the boy move all of his stuff. the downside to moving to a new city at the same time, is that our leases will also expire at the same time. week 42 was a road trip to colorado!

day 283: not pictured
day 284: not pictured
day 285: yippee, packing! x.x
day 286: in an attempt to visualize how much i had left to pack, i tried to throw everything packed into my closet. it all fit, but it got difficult to access anything in the closet…
day 287: oops spent a whole lot more time on wedding planning than i had expected. it can really suck you in…
day 288: not pictured
day 289: not pictured
day 290: selfie taken on the skyline drive of pueblo, co
day 291: an adorable flower girl during wedding rehearsal
day 292: yo, those colorado mountains are so insanely gorgeous
day 293: dallas welcomes us back with a double rainbow
day 294: not pictured
day 295: not pictured
day 296: not pictured

{week 40}

if i ever say, “i’m starting a new 365 project!” you should all say “no, no you aren’t”. why so dramatic? i’ve been slacking, mostly because my life is fairly boring. since coming back stateside, it’s consisted of learning some basic coding, dipping my toe in wedding planning, and getting ready to move.

day 276: not pictured
day 277: post-downpour sunsets
day 278: pack, unpack. pack, unpack. pack, unpack. repeat.
day 279: what do you do when you’re tryna operate a coffee shop in nyc and there’s only room for 3 people to sit inside? double your capacity by putting chairs in the sidewalk! perfect.
day 280: not pictured
day 281: new uniforms!
day 282: aaaaand dallas ruined my saturday plans of playing 5 hours of frisbee by pouring rain, so we took apart all of my furniture and moved it to the boy’s place where it will live.

{week 39}

a whole week of portugal! well, technically i’m back today, but i’ve spent 8 hours on an airplane, then 3 hours getting home from newark. nj transit isn’t quite as photogenic as europe…

day 269: art x history museums make my heart happy (thank goodness the semester is over)
day 270: not all heros wear capes, some of them will be your portuguese tour guide detouring to pick up a hat from the river because “the children, they are our future”
day 271: boo to museums to that carefully list all the days they are closed (Mondays, January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1, December 25) but randomly closed on Tuesday, June 13th
day 272: pasteis de nata (portuguese egg tarts) in belem!
day 273: view of the palacio da pena taken from somewhere in the 85 hectacre garden we found ourselves wandering & lost in
day 274: made it inside the museum from earlier this week!! the bro is clearly thrilled that i love museums so much.
day 275: not pictured, too tired and nj transit is unphotogenic.

{week 38}

it was a very exciting week, you probably don’t want to miss it…! also first highlights of being in portugal!

day 262: why does the boy look so worried? i may have been too insistent on jumping pictures, causing something fairly important to fly out of his pocket…
day 263: mm coworker made us chocolate caramel potato chip cupcakes to celebrate!
day 264: 40 min pit stop in boston because buses to NYC from worcester were too expensive? perfect time for the boy to grab his favorite draft latte 🙂
day 265: not pictured
day 266: the bro is thrilled to be on vacation
day 267: back at it, photographing people looking at art 🙂
day 268: so, not the pain attraction of porto, but the azueljos are pretty neat

{week 37}

last week of my first year of grad school! thank goodness.

day 255: thankful for this one and how generous he was over mdw with his time, energy, and home to serve my friends.
day 256: yum yum superchix custard.
day 257: last temptress practice before my 3 week vacation
day 258: last night of studying for the school year! (thank goodness)
day 259: it is difficult to balance packing for a 3 week vacation + finishing an essay
day 260: not pictured
day 261: when you see incredible lighting, you make people go take a nice picture

{week 36}

second to last week of my first year of grad school (whew). i am so ready for it to be over, and for my 6 weeks of summer break…! i’ve also sadly broken my 7 week streak of actually remembering to take pictures every day (so sad).

day 248: union coffee gives me life… and sometimes makes me extra jittery as i try to write papers.
day 249: a little over a month ’til move out!
day 250: not pictured
day 251: every wednesday night spent with these lovely little 1/4 size index cards that just seem to grow and grow… sigh.
day 252: i’ve been using the same contact solution since 2009. imagine my confusion/surprise to open new contact solution and have a completely new lid on it. i had to double check to make sure i had picked up the right thing…
day 253: this one showed up in town… 🙂
day 254: “the downside to a 60th wedding anniversary celebration is that you’re old” -quote from the hubby of this beautiful and laughing woman