{week 39}

a whole week of portugal! well, technically i’m back today, but i’ve spent 8 hours on an airplane, then 3 hours getting home from newark. nj transit isn’t quite as photogenic as europe…

day 269: art x history museums make my heart happy (thank goodness the semester is over)
day 270: not all heros wear capes, some of them will be your portuguese tour guide detouring to pick up a hat from the river because “the children, they are our future”
day 271: boo to museums to that carefully list all the days they are closed (Mondays, January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1, December 25) but randomly closed on Tuesday, June 13th
day 272: pasteis de nata (portuguese egg tarts) in belem!
day 273: view of the palacio da pena taken from somewhere in the 85 hectacre garden we found ourselves wandering & lost in
day 274: made it inside the museum from earlier this week!! the bro is clearly thrilled that i love museums so much.
day 275: not pictured, too tired and nj transit is unphotogenic.

{week 38}

it was a very exciting week, you probably don’t want to miss it…! also first highlights of being in portugal!

day 262: why does the boy look so worried? i may have been too insistent on jumping pictures, causing something fairly important to fly out of his pocket…
day 263: mm coworker made us chocolate caramel potato chip cupcakes to celebrate!
day 264: 40 min pit stop in boston because buses to NYC from worcester were too expensive? perfect time for the boy to grab his favorite draft latte 🙂
day 265: not pictured
day 266: the bro is thrilled to be on vacation
day 267: back at it, photographing people looking at art 🙂
day 268: so, not the pain attraction of porto, but the azueljos are pretty neat

{week 37}

last week of my first year of grad school! thank goodness.

day 255: thankful for this one and how generous he was over mdw with his time, energy, and home to serve my friends.
day 256: yum yum superchix custard.
day 257: last temptress practice before my 3 week vacation
day 258: last night of studying for the school year! (thank goodness)
day 259: it is difficult to balance packing for a 3 week vacation + finishing an essay
day 260: not pictured
day 261: when you see incredible lighting, you make people go take a nice picture

{week 36}

second to last week of my first year of grad school (whew). i am so ready for it to be over, and for my 6 weeks of summer break…! i’ve also sadly broken my 7 week streak of actually remembering to take pictures every day (so sad).

day 248: union coffee gives me life… and sometimes makes me extra jittery as i try to write papers.
day 249: a little over a month ’til move out!
day 250: not pictured
day 251: every wednesday night spent with these lovely little 1/4 size index cards that just seem to grow and grow… sigh.
day 252: i’ve been using the same contact solution since 2009. imagine my confusion/surprise to open new contact solution and have a completely new lid on it. i had to double check to make sure i had picked up the right thing…
day 253: this one showed up in town… 🙂
day 254: “the downside to a 60th wedding anniversary celebration is that you’re old” -quote from the hubby of this beautiful and laughing woman

{week 35}

there’s a serious theme to this week’s pictures. as people are all graduating and enjoying their summers, some of us are fighting to finish up this semester. harumph.

day 241: getting work done & trying to plan for the coming week @ drip coffee
day 242: memorizing verb conjugations @ robbie’s
day 243: tuesdays now consist of: classes starting at 8am and ending at 220pm, 4 hours of work, and 2 hours of frisbee practice. i was super proud of myself for not forgetting to bring anything as i ran out the door at 755am (but i did manage to leave a trail of stuff along the way x.x)
day 244: flashcards on flashcards on flashcards
day 245: the boy is so thrilled to have driven all the way down, only to get coerced into driving me to a coffee shop
day 246: gave up homework for an evening to celebrate the boy
day 247: step 1 to getting stuff done: take selfies, right?

{week 34}

day 234: hanging out on a patio with the small group (being blinded by the sun that finally set behind the building)
day 235: trying to figure out what all i have going on in my life
day 236: contact paper is the best
day 237: when you’re low budget (aka no budget), things have to get creative
day 238: when you accidentally press the shutter, having the flash go off at the floor
day 239: managed to get 18 headshots in 2 days during lunch and in the brief moments between class and work
day 240: this didn’t come from my camera, and i didn’t even TAKE the picture, but this is what happens when i forget to bring my camera out of the car to use it

{week 33}

day 227: we’ve officially found a new church home
day 228: “real adults” totally buy 5 lb bags of dinosaur chicken nuggets, right? (in my defense, they were on sale…)
day 229: my part of the city has unexpected hills on the roads, giving nice overviews to the city while we’re driving around
day 230: why study vocab when i can just take artsy pictures of the flashcards…? just kidding, i was attempting to study
day 231: nothing hugely significant about this, but i liked how the nail polish looked on my table
day 232: there’s apparently something called capital one day which invovled free food, a dj, and an afternoon to hang out instead of work
day 233: i love getting to shoot my friends 🙂

{week 32}

another busy week done. midterm season has started (while everyone else is in finals, quite cruel timing, i know) but one down only three to go… x.x it was good to see old friends, holding skype study sessions, and doing a photo shoot at the arboretum on saturday though!

day 220: that midterm grind
day 221: a spontaneous meet up with olivia & selena. planning was complicated but good to catch up for a little 🙂
day 222: finally got back into the cooking thing. here’s cheese-covered pesto pork chops with tater tots! (yum, potatoes)
day 223: finally opened up the alabaster co. shipment. gorgeous work!!
day 224: skype study session with katie! we may have very little idea of what the other person is studying, but it’s good to do work with someone else, even if only from afar.
day 225: date night with the boyf.
day 226: despite the intimidating THREAT of terrible thunderstorms, the weather stayed clear for a lovely shoot in the dallas arboretum. great first visit to the arboretum, hopefully more to come!

{week 31}

warning, this post contains 28.57% selfies. apparently i don’t do anything other than homework and/or am too lazy bring my camera or sometimes to use it even though i have it with me. right now, i say this will be my last 365 project, but i said that last time too… herpderp.

day 213: coffee shops are my homework fuel. without coffee shops i think i’d be a very grumpy and behind individual
day 214: flash flood level rain got me a little soaked walking home… but the cloudiness is also perfect photo lighting, so selfies were in order
day 215: he brings me chick fil a, takes me to coffee shops, and reads comics to me
day 216: found a new desk! staked out some space in the living room for study space
day 217: session 4 started on a thursday, then the following week we got Good Friday off from classes, so this thursday night i was convinced the next day should be the weekend. alas, it was not and i had to go to class
day 218: grabbed dinner with these two lovely ladies and saw a stunning pre-tornado sunset sky and cool (but intimidating) flashes of lightning
day 219: it was “texas cold” (aka 56° F) so i decided it was the perfect time for a star wars christmas sweater

{week 30}

day 206: attempting to get back in the frisbee game
day 207: rainy dallas spring reminds me of rainy boston spring, but warmer
day 208: when you start off behind and follow up with a very busy weekend, tuesday feels like it should be friday
day 209: sunset vibes
day 210: when you’re ready to give up, but luckily it’s thursday and a long weekend is ahead
day 211: i got super excited when i saw the word “potato” through a gap next door, but unfortunately the store had closed down and wasn’t getting ready to open up
day 212: kept thinking that i should take a picture of the game in progress, but kept forgetting so i guess a picture of the box will have to do