Museum Guide

Welcome to my museum guides! I realized early on in 2017 that I have visited a lot of museums, love museums, and have zillions of photographs hiding in my Lightroom from my various museum trips, so what better than to write reviews and recommendations?

Museums by Location

Cindy’s Favorites

A couple caveats:

  • I will be focusing on art museums, although a couple other history/science museums may slip in 🙂
  • I have never studied art. The only art-ish classes I took in college were: two film photography courses, a photoshop class, and a course called “seeing is believing” which fulfilled my fine arts core. If I were to do it all over again, I’d probably try to work in some art history classes.
  • I love to take pictures inside museums, and museums that don’t allow pictures have an automatic strike in my book. For people who like to look at older art and don’t take much pictures, you might give these museums some of the points I deducted.
  • Museum exhibits are constantly changing, and I can only review a museum based on what I’ve experience of their exhibits. The larger museums generally have some permanent exhibits along with special exhibits, but a lot of the smaller museums are based on temporary exhibits or rearranging items from their permanent collection. Before visiting a museum, it may be worth it to look online and see what they are currently exhibiting and if you’re interested in the current exhibits.
  • I don’t really get art videos. I’m not huge on watching random videos in general, and art videos tend to be really bizarre and not something I have any familiarity with or understanding of.

Museum reviews are organized by location, but if you just want highlights & recommendations, check out my picks here!

These pages are still under construction, but any museum with a hyperlink has a review! If you see a museum on the list you’re interested in hearing more about, let me know and I can make it a priority and/or give you a bullet point summary.

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