{weeks 41 & 42}

these two weeks are combined because my life has been insanely hectic and i’ve been really really bad about taking pictures these two weeks. week 41 was filled with packing, moving, and unpacking. i had to pack + move all of my stuff, along with the helping the boy move all of his stuff. the downside to moving to a new city at the same time, is that our leases will also expire at the same time. week 42 was a road trip to colorado!

day 283: not pictured
day 284: not pictured
day 285: yippee, packing! x.x
day 286: in an attempt to visualize how much i had left to pack, i tried to throw everything packed into my closet. it all fit, but it got difficult to access anything in the closet…
day 287: oops spent a whole lot more time on wedding planning than i had expected. it can really suck you in…
day 288: not pictured
day 289: not pictured
day 290: selfie taken on the skyline drive of pueblo, co
day 291: an adorable flower girl during wedding rehearsal
day 292: yo, those colorado mountains are so insanely gorgeous
day 293: dallas welcomes us back with a double rainbow
day 294: not pictured
day 295: not pictured
day 296: not pictured


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