{week 40}

if i ever say, “i’m starting a new 365 project!” you should all say “no, no you aren’t”. why so dramatic? i’ve been slacking, mostly because my life is fairly boring. since coming back stateside, it’s consisted of learning some basic coding, dipping my toe in wedding planning, and getting ready to move.


day 276: not pictured
day 277: post-downpour sunsets
day 278: pack, unpack. pack, unpack. pack, unpack. repeat.
day 279: what do you do when you’re tryna operate a coffee shop in nyc and there’s only room for 3 people to sit inside? double your capacity by putting chairs in the sidewalk! perfect.
day 280: not pictured
day 281: new uniforms!
day 282: aaaaand dallas ruined my saturday plans of playing 5 hours of frisbee by pouring rain, so we took apart all of my furniture and moved it to the boy’s place where it will live.


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