{week 39}

a whole week of portugal! well, technically i’m back today, but i’ve spent 8 hours on an airplane, then 3 hours getting home from newark. nj transit isn’t quite as photogenic as europe…


day 269: art x history museums make my heart happy (thank goodness the semester is over)
day 270: not all heros wear capes, some of them will be your portuguese tour guide detouring to pick up a hat from the river because “the children, they are our future”
day 271: boo to museums to that carefully list all the days they are closed (Mondays, January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1, December 25) but randomly closed on Tuesday, June 13th
day 272: pasteis de nata (portuguese egg tarts) in belem!
day 273: view of the palacio da pena taken from somewhere in the 85 hectacre garden we found ourselves wandering & lost in
day 274: made it inside the museum from earlier this week!! the bro is clearly thrilled that i love museums so much.
day 275: not pictured, too tired and nj transit is unphotogenic.


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