{week 36}

second to last week of my first year of grad school (whew). i am so ready for it to be over, and for my 6 weeks of summer break…! i’ve also sadly broken my 7 week streak of actually remembering to take pictures every day (so sad).


day 248: union coffee gives me life… and sometimes makes me extra jittery as i try to write papers.
day 249: a little over a month ’til move out!
day 250: not pictured
day 251: every wednesday night spent with these lovely little 1/4 size index cards that just seem to grow and grow… sigh.
day 252: i’ve been using the same contact solution since 2009. imagine my confusion/surprise to open new contact solution and have a completely new lid on it. i had to double check to make sure i had picked up the right thing…
day 253: this one showed up in town… 🙂
day 254: “the downside to a 60th wedding anniversary celebration is that you’re old” -quote from the hubby of this beautiful and laughing woman


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