{week 35}

there’s a serious theme to this week’s pictures. as people are all graduating and enjoying their summers, some of us are fighting to finish up this semester. harumph.


day 241: getting work done & trying to plan for the coming week @ drip coffee
day 242: memorizing verb conjugations @ robbie’s
day 243: tuesdays now consist of: classes starting at 8am and ending at 220pm, 4 hours of work, and 2 hours of frisbee practice. i was super proud of myself for not forgetting to bring anything as i ran out the door at 755am (but i did manage to leave a trail of stuff along the way x.x)
day 244: flashcards on flashcards on flashcards
day 245: the boy is so thrilled to have driven all the way down, only to get coerced into driving me to a coffee shop
day 246: gave up homework for an evening to celebrate the boy
day 247: step 1 to getting stuff done: take selfies, right?


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