{week 32}

another busy week done. midterm season has started (while everyone else is in finals, quite cruel timing, i know) but one down only three to go… x.x it was good to see old friends, holding skype study sessions, and doing a photo shoot at the arboretum on saturday though!

day 220: that midterm grind
day 221: a spontaneous meet up with olivia & selena. planning was complicated but good to catch up for a little 🙂
day 222: finally got back into the cooking thing. here’s cheese-covered pesto pork chops with tater tots! (yum, potatoes)
day 223: finally opened up the alabaster co. shipment. gorgeous work!!
day 224: skype study session with katie! we may have very little idea of what the other person is studying, but it’s good to do work with someone else, even if only from afar.
day 225: date night with the boyf.
day 226: despite the intimidating THREAT of terrible thunderstorms, the weather stayed clear for a lovely shoot in the dallas arboretum. great first visit to the arboretum, hopefully more to come!


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