{week 31}

warning, this post contains 28.57% selfies. apparently i don’t do anything other than homework and/or am too lazy bring my camera or sometimes to use it even though i have it with me. right now, i say this will be my last 365 project, but i said that last time too… herpderp.

day 213: coffee shops are my homework fuel. without coffee shops i think i’d be a very grumpy and behind individual
day 214: flash flood level rain got me a little soaked walking home… but the cloudiness is also perfect photo lighting, so selfies were in order
day 215: he brings me chick fil a, takes me to coffee shops, and reads comics to me
day 216: found a new desk! staked out some space in the living room for study space
day 217: session 4 started on a thursday, then the following week we got Good Friday off from classes, so this thursday night i was convinced the next day should be the weekend. alas, it was not and i had to go to class
day 218: grabbed dinner with these two lovely ladies and saw a stunning pre-tornado sunset sky and cool (but intimidating) flashes of lightning
day 219: it was “texas cold” (aka 56° F) so i decided it was the perfect time for a star wars christmas sweater


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