{week 27}

spent the second half of the week up in Boston, which was what i needed relationally and for my mental health. also, my free WP account storage is running dangerously low (especially with a new project coming soon!) so sorry about the low quality. if it looks super terrible, i’ll go back to normal size, but if it looks okay, the rest of the 365 might all get uploaded as smaller files to save space.

day 185: 96 more days.
day 186: grateful for a church that cares about people beyond our walls, and a desire to encourage others to care as well
day 187: weekday trip to dts for a birthday surprise
day 188: picked up a roll of film, halfway through that new year’s resolution
day 189: the worst part of flying on your own is lugging all of your stuff to the bathroom or to fill up your water bottle
day 190: missed the days of hanging out in edna, the magic party minivan (and of course all the lovely people i saw)
day 191: c/o 2015 aka graduated seniors aka best class ever and it was the most amazing time ever to be reunited as a unit for the first time since graduation



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