{week 26}

wahoo, i’ve (mostly) made it half way through the year! mostly because i’ve been missing a lot of days… and not making them up (like i did last time i attempted a 365). sorry half the photos are just of my homework/planner. at least that means i was doing work this week rather than just sitting on my bed playing dots on my phone!

day 178: not pictured
day 179: grateful: to be playing ultimate again (even if only pick up and mostly with guys), for foam rollers (esp since it’s been 2015 since i played), and natural light.
day 180: this little cutie has barely over 60 days of life but i’ve had the honor of hanging out with her and exploring baby photography!
day 181: study all the vocab! finally studying a language that is in the same language family as something else i’ve done, and the cognates have been great for eliminating about half the list each chapter so far.
day 182: natural light makes even the most mundane things look artsy.
day 183: went to a coffee shop to be productive, spent the first 20 minutes staging and editing pictures for instagram instead (#priorities)
day 184: setting up coffee shop vibes in the boy’s living room. the $28 spent on a floor lamp & 2 ikea tables was very much worth.


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