{week 24}

oops i think this past week was the frist time i missed 2 whole days (in a row too, sigh). unfortunately the #1 place i remember that i need to take a picture that day is while driving, which is far less useful.

day 164: last sunday spent struggling with field methods
day 165: got a little too gungho about a new table and moved everything out before getting the new one…
day 166: found an annie in her natural habitat (fancy building and on her phone) but glad to have seen her in dallas 🙂
day 167: not pictured
day 168: not pictured
day 169: smiling because FREEDOM!! (we all survived field methods and don’t quite know what to do with ourselves)
day 170: if you join ikea family, you get a coupon for a free soft serve. if you are part of ikea family and buy a soft serve, it is BOGO. so for the price of giving them my junk email, i earned us two free soft serves (although the boy is less appreciative of the documentation process and opted for eating mine instead)


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