{week 23}

honestly, last week felt like a month ago. 7/8 of this class complete! freedom is near, provided i can push through one more week

day 157: great coffee shop for working! provided you can find somewhere to park and then a table to occupy.
day 158: the boy had a day off, so he came down. he’s clearly too tall for my makeshift backdrop lawlz.
day 159: not pictured
day 160: oops, 3 nights in a row of not wearing my contacts. these glasses are functional, but they have a tough job when my prescription isn’t stable.
day 161: ever wish you could just plug yourself in and recharge?
day 162: this keyboard has gotten me thus far.
day 163: this is my face after finally finishing my 6k word paper in a week. stay tuned for the final word/page count for this class.



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