{week 22}

’twas a fairly uneventful week: school plods on. texas is very very warm for mid february. the boy cooks me food.

highlights: i cut the boy’s hair and he is willing to let me do it again. chick fil a & succulents are a way to a girl’s heart. pulled out the bedsheet & started a new art project (which seems to involve selfies again).

day 148: the boy showing off his new haircut
day 149: momma sent me flowers
day 150: the boy told me he wasn’t coming over and then comes over with chickfila and succulents. the chickfila forgive him for lying 😉
day 151: inheritance accurately portratying how i feel about it only being wednesday
day 152: at about 1130 remembered that i needed to take a picture, and my ceiling fan was the most visually appealing thing i could find in the room. at least it wasn’t yet another shot of homework.
day 153: attempting to art again
day 154: “ramen is a labor of love” -the boy


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