{week 21}

things i am proud of this week: i took a picture every day (if you consider post-midnight still that day, but since i haven’t slept yet, that should count) & i managed to cook with the slow cooker (even if it was really late at night…)

day 141: PATS WIN! most roller coaster of a game ever, but we repped boston well with our pats gear & sam adams.
day 142: finally unpacked the crock pot i bought at costco the week earlier
day 143: i ought to sleep earlier… but unfortunately these papers aren’t writing themselves.
day 144: crock pot meal #1 success! not the most amazing thing ever, but good enough & will last me into next week
day 145: trudging along
day 146: to save you from yet another hw pic (yes, i took another one), here are some soft purple things
day 147: the only thing wintery about texas is the lack of leaves on some trees (it was 86 today, bleargh)


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