{week 20}

looks like i took more upright photos this week than any other week. session #1 of the spring semester is now over, meaning i am 5/16 sessions of the way through my program. while it has been great, i also can’t wait for the end of writing 2-3 papers every single week.

day 134: witnessed my first baby baptism!
day 135: not pictured
day 136: who would’ve thought, i’d open up TeX again after all the long nights of thesis to get trees done…
day 137: yay sunsets!
day 138: woah, going out to dinner on a weeknight?! must be the end of a session.
day 139: have a giant long to-do list for the weekend: all i do is go to the dentist & nap multiple times
day 140: date-day in fort worth with this one was a success! (although nothing on the to-do list got done… guess that’s what sunday & monday are for)


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