{week 19}

weeks fly by but the days, hours, minutes have been crawling. we’ve had 19 days of class so far and i actually have so many papers that i’m running out of time to procrastinate. it does make it hard to find things to photograph… a lot of times it’s between 11pm-1am and i realize i still haven’t taken a picture yet. my life is boring (or just linguistic papers).

day 127: i’m so glad this lovely lady was here for a weekend. it seems more than just a week and a half ago, but best weekend of 2017 yet for sure 🙂
day 128: yay tiny humans
day 129: instead of eating/cooking dinner, i edited photos… until about 1030 oops
day 130: when you’re so excited to be out of jeans you don’t pay attention to the color of the sweatpants you grab and end up in a pretty extreme groufit
day 131: finally cooked food… it helps that i defrosted on day 129 so i had a impeding deadline on using my chicken
day 132: after 6.5 months, finally made it up to poke around capital one and see a bit of the boyf’s world
day 133: the day i drank 40 oz of coffee in one sitting but paid $0 for it because of starbucks rewards & free refills


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