{week 17}

i actually took pictures everyday for the entire week! i probably shouldn’t be as proud of that as i am. oh well.

day 113: views of dallas from the parking lot
day 114: amazon somehow messed up 2/4 items on a shipment, but it looks like we got these for $0.50 so i guess that’s not the worst
day 115: stunning sunset colors caught through the blinds
day 116: i was prepared to use my starbucks reward on a giant smoothie post-dentist, but for some reason the one i went to was out of smoothies… so i settled for a venti latte instead. helped me get my paper done, at least.
day 117: got a second bookshelf from target for $11.40 (sales + coupons) and it’s pretty great to have more storage space.
day 118: got to see the printed results of a redesign i did for the school. can you guess which is mine? 🙂
day 119: cable-less struggles. antenna did not end up working, so back to target it went. #gopats


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