{week 16}

happy new year, a post of 7 pictures all from 2017! during this year i travelled home, took a quick 36 hour trip (parked my car on the highway for a bit, but forgot to take a picture other than snaps), and back to real life again.

day 106: chip cheers to the new year!
day 107: i miss this adorable face and so sad i don’t get to watch her grow up
day 108: cotton candy sunsets in houston (may have also sat down on the ground to get a picture of the chandelier in front of this restaurant. must be hard to travel with a photographer, heh.)
day 109: onesie photoshoot because #adulthood
day 110: shoutout to costco for feeding me, at least this time it wasn’t prepared & frozen… and i got it for $3 off, which is almost an entire lb of food.
day 111: we all scoffed and doubted in the morning, but by 1pm dallas proved that it could and would snow, causing all of the highways in the metroplex to turn dark red on traffic radar maps.
day 112: robbie made baguettes and i took #artsyfartsy pictures of them, but the most important thing in the photo might just be the kerrygold butter (#bougie).


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