{week 14}

’twas the night before Christmas, ending a week of family, friends, museums, and food in nyc. some of these have made appearances on the insta because i got excited about actually having cool pictures of the city and museums rather than just more homework/the inside of my room.

day 92: my 7 day mta pass was being a butt and 86th/lex isn’t THAT far from 60/2nd so i just walked it and stumbled across this gem.
day 93: rockefeller christmas tree!
day 94: reunion dinner with half of iggya34 was wonderful. from stranger/teammate to roommates to friends for life 🙂
day 95: sometimes you just have to give up striving for perfection and just go with it? we went back later and it turns out he had just given up and torn it all down
day 96: went to 2 smaller versions of popular nyc museums (moma ps1 & met breuer) but encountered a fantastic exhibit in met breuer (everyone should check out kerry james marshall if they have time!)
day 97: holiday market @ union square
day 98: went all the way to deep brooklyn b/c my dad said there were christmas lights… dyker heights is really intense.


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