{week 12}

dallas finally found fall (in mid december) but a cold front did make us colder than boston for 2 days! this was also the second to last week of the semester, crazy to think that the end is finally/actually here. looking forward to spending time with old friends for sure, but not quite as excited about the cold.

day 78: grateful to be connecting with people & that i have a new church to call “home”
day 79: december is christmas music time
day 80: picking up the ‘rents at the airport
day 81: not pictured, oops #struggles
day 82: i’m not usually one for an ootd, but this shirt got me the most compliments i’ve ever gotten on a shirt these 19 weeks at school & since it was colder than boston i decided it was time to break out the timbs even without snow
day 83: sometimes good discounts happen after 1.5 hours on the phone
day 84: he makes beautiful faces at me, but accompanies me to coffee shops to get work done


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