{week 11}

i firmly stand for getting the monday after thanksgiving off as well to ease us back into a full week of real life. as of now, only 2 weeks left in this semester & i am very much looking forward to the break and getting to go home (although less excited for the real cold up in the northeast)

day 71: what could be better than slippers that match your onesie? (target product design & advertising is frighteningly on point)
day 72: found a new coffee shop on the opposite end of the city, but definitely a cool place to check out again
day 73: less exotic, doing homework in my bedroom…
day 74: i finally woke up to sub 50 weather, meaning it’s actually time for fall & fall clothing! of course i get back from class and pass out for 3 hours so had to make it up by taking a picture inside
day 75: hello, december and yay, advent! first time really doing an advent calendar and it’s great. also they’re like $1 at trader joe’s if you want to hop on it
day 76: out-of-the-ordinary circumstances led to not finishing class til about 710pm on friday. definitely not the ideal way to spend my friday evening, but i made it.
day 77: had some friends come over for dinner & games, but unfortunately forgot to take a picture while they were here. at least we cleaned up well 🙂


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