year 23: my second 365 project

In 2013, I started my first 365 project (taking a picture each day) to challenge myself to use my camera more. Here I am in a new city, and again barely using my camera & so on my 23rd birthday, I decided to do it again. I posted year 20 as individual posts each day, but this time I’ve decided to post the pictures in groups of 7, for a total of 52. Hopefully we’ll see progress in my pictures from 3 years ago to now!

Anyways, here’s week 1!

day 1: i have a new dinosaur friend
day 2: one of the first dallas sunsets i’ve actually observed & it was gorgeous
day 3: a day in the life
day 4: back button focus is great for focusing when I’m shooting, but definitely harder to have a non camera person use my camera
day 5: watched a pats game in an enemy state… and now apparently brisset may also be injured (how many qbs do we need to replace brady?!)
day 6: be an adult & buy a bookshelf to stop piling your stuff on the floor BUT not so much of an adult that you don’t buy the purple dinosaur onesie so you can match with your new friend
day 7: brought the boy to a picnic at my school and this is how he treats me… #rude


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