This is a pencil. 

Sorry, rant. I went to the ICA in Boston as required for a class, and because I had to take notes on certain pieces in preparation for a paper, I brought my sketchbook and some writing utensils.

Now, apparently, the ICA doesn’t allow pens. So literally every 10’x10’ room I walk into, an ICA employee walks up to me with a variation of “we don’t allow pens”, “no pens”, “is that a pencil?”.

The ICA is a loop. There are literally 2 entrances. Do you really think that no one else has asked me this question already? Or do you think I put my pen away only to whip it out when I go into a new room? Also, is the pencil less destructive than the pen should I receive a burst of inspiration to draw on the art?

Anyways, halfway through the exhibits I sat down and drew this, ripped out the page from my sketchbook, and proceeded to walk through the remainder of the exhibits with my makeshift sign sticking out of my notebook.

Even then, I got stopped again with “you can’t use that in here”. Clearly I look like a hooligan ready to destroy art with ballpoint pens. Sigh. 


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