Super duper belated post because once I finished the bag, I just started using it and got lazy about taking everything out to take pictures. But here is the final result! 

DIY Tutorial

Cost: purse $35 || foam $22 (with lots of extra remaining) || cloth $0 (scavenged) || velcro $4 (bought 9 feet on sale!)
{total} $61

Conclusion: It wasn’t as cheap as I was expecting, but the purse did start at $35. I have enough foam left over for another one, so I guess if someone else wants to make one, that would lower the costs of this one. (Anyone in Houston want some 1” polyester foam? It’s all yours if you do!) 
Overall I’d say this was worth it, I was able to make a bag that I really liked and functionally perfect, carry my camera around in much better style (hehe), and learn about the sewing machine. It also ended up cheaper than buying a pre-made bag, always a plus.

Buy your own: Kelly Moore || Epiphanie || Shutterbag

Special thanks to my roomate-for-life, lucillypuff, for looking super hip and modeling my bag for me!


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